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          They're our babies and like babies they sometimes need special attention. Our system deals with the odor and the stain. Urine, feces, vomit and body odor all contribute to offensive odors. The normal process of cleaning does clean & deodorize those problematic trouble area's but some situations need extra attention. Extraction of the area and then deodorization to neutralize the odor is the way to go. Many times this will solve the problem, or at the least significantly improve the situation. Sometime, usually with larger animals, the liquids can penetrate into the backing of the carpet, carpet padding, and the sub-flooring. Those situations must to be dealt with differently. They are best addressed by cleaning, deodorizing and sometimes sealing sub-floors. 
Pet Odors and Stains
      We pretreat the stains and then use different special spot removers to lift the stain from the carpet fiber. We have two goals with stain removal. Of course the number one goal is to remove all visible traces of the stain in order to bring your carpets back to a fresh clean looking condition. Our number two goal is to make that stain stay gone! Because sometimes, (many times) the stain will penetrate into the carpet and wick back up to the top of the fiber during the drying process. This gives many carpet cleaners a false sense of accomplishment. We go one step further in our stain removal technique. We ENCAPSULATE the stain. What does this mean? If all the residue of the stain is not captured during the initial cleaning process then the stain is encapsulated and crystallizes and you are able to vacuum out the excess residue during your next scheduled vacuuming. 
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