Drying Time
     Our drying time varies depending on the system we use.  We have to determine the method of cleaning required. In most cases drying time is 3-6 hours. Inside humidity, spot removal, moderate or heavy traffic area soiling etc can all be variables that can affect the drying time. Usually we can give you an idea as to the time it will take. Beware of the miracle carpet cleaner that promises "one hour" drying!   We try real hard to make your carpets dry as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your home quickly without the aggravation of wet carpets. 
Dual Cleaning system
      We basically use two types of cleaning methods-Hot Water Extraction and Encapsulation. Upon  visually inspecting the type, and condition of your carpet we determine the best method suited for cleaning your carpet. Many times we will incorporate both methods into the cleaning process. Both system require pretreating your carpet with a soil releasing solution. Hot water extraction is a pressurized spray solution that is introduced into the carpet and then that solution is immediately extracted from the fiber through a powerful vacuum wand. Encapsulation is agitated into into the carpet by a rotary scrubber. Gently scrubbing the fiber of embedded soil particles, releasing them and encasing them to be vacuumed. This is a "no residue" left in the carpet situation which keeps your carpet cleaner, longer! 
Our dual hot water extraction and encapsulation systems gives you a cleaning that is more through and discourages rapid resoiling because of our "leave no residue" system. This saves you money and keeps your carpets cleaner, longer. 
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